International Conference on Formal and Natural Sciences- Theory & Applications & Perspectives



Dear Participant,

Due to the growing number of persons infected with the Covid-19 virus, exceptional measures are being taken in many countries. It has to be expected that the number of affected countries will keep growing in the next months. To date, predictions about the situation in Morocco in October 2020 are not possible., the same applies for travel restrictions of participants coming from Germany and from third countries.


 We therefore decided to delay our Humboldt Kolleg to a later date.


 Kind regards

 The organizing committee




The theme of the conference is “Formal and Natural Sciences”. 

We expect that this event will attract about 30 Humboldtian participants to give either oral or posters presentations. We will also be inviting at least four German professors to join the conference as plenary speakers. 

  • For now, this humboldt kolleg is in preparation and can only take place if the application for it is approved by the Humboldt Foundation.


  • During this event, researchers from the mathematical, chemical, biological, physical and geological sciences will be exchanging their scientific experiences.

  • This kolleg aims to create a space for Humboldtians, young doctors in science and young researchers in MENA region for disseminating their results, as well as to create collaborative relationships.

  • During this meeting, we will inform young doctors in science about the funding programs offered by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

This event is organized by the Maghreb - Alexander von Humboldt Alumni association. It is planned for three days (15-17 October 2020) , including keynote lectures dictated by relevant researchers, oral presentations and poster presentations.

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